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A Statement About The UAW and Big Three U.S. Automakers Contract Negotiations

Hi. I’m Marc Carmichael. I’m running to represent Indiana in the U.S. Senate. That election is next year, but I wanted to make a point that is very relevant this week.

The United Autoworkers Union is nearing a strike against the Ford, General Motors and Stellantis (formerly Fiat/Chrysler) for better wages, better job security and that, as we transition to building more Electric Vehicles, the battery manufacturers owned by these companies, also offers UAW wages and job security to those workers.

I encourage the Big Three automakers to be fair players at the negotiating table and to work out an agreement. Back in the 2008 auto bailout and again during COVID, workers gave multiple concessions to these companies to maintain the industry and now when those companies are recording record profits, they are balking at meeting even the most basic needs of the workers who make those profits possible.

The working-class in Indiana and the country as a whole, is the foundation of our economic success, not a hurdle to be overcome. These workers are our friends, neighbors and family-members. Therefore, I support the UAW’s efforts to improve the lives of the workers at these plants, because this country cannot move forward solely for the good of America’s corporate boards and shareholders, but must also reflect the needs of the workers to live successful lives and maintain quality skilled workers. I encourage Ford, GM and Stellantis to be fair players at the negotiating table and to work out an agreement.

I hope you will join me in supporting the UAW’s efforts to secure a fair contract for American autoworkers, so many of whom call Indiana home.

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