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Marc Carmichael Officially Files for US Senate Candidacy in 2024 Election


[Indiana, February 10, 2024] - Marc Carmichael, a former state representative and lifelong Indiana resident, has officially filed to be on the ballot for the US Senate race in Indiana. With thousands of signatures submitted to the Indiana Election Division, Carmichael's campaign marks a significant milestone in the fight for democracy, integrity and the rights of all Hoosiers.

Carmichael's platform focuses on critical issues facing the nation, including the restoration of Roe v. Wade, combating the sale of assault weapons, and prioritizing action against climate change before it reaches irreversible levels. Additionally, he stands for Medicare for all, fair and enforceable immigration reform to secure the border, and staunch opposition to the threats posed by Donald Trump and his insurrectionist allies, including his opponent, Jim Banks.

“I am running because I want to be of dignified and dedicated service to Indiana and all Hoosiers in the mold of legislators like Richard Lugar and Lee Hamilton.”

For more information about Marc Carmichael's campaign and platform, visit

For media inquiries or interview requests, please contact:

Nikki Carr, 765-228-3245,

About Marc for Indiana:

Marc Carmichael is a Democratic candidate running for the United States Senate in Indiana. Marc is dedicated to Indiana. He believes that Hoosiers deserve to be represented by a senator committed to democracy and honesty. He will work to create good-paying jobs, a strong economy, maintain our military strength, and take care of our veterans and military families. 

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